Third party Integration

Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

Integrate your IBKR data with third-party portfolio management, order management, post-trade allocation and compliance software.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management software typically allows you to manage your investments and analyze your portfolio with a variety of tools. Interactive Brokers customers can currently request integration with the third-party portfolio management software providers listed below.

Interactive Brokers Reporting Integration Tool

We provide a reporting data feed from the IBKR generic reporting interface for clients who want to integrate that data with third-party software not listed on this page.

Developer's Guide: Online Developer's Guide: PDF

Why pay for a third-party portfolio management tool?

Use Interactive Brokers' PortfolioAnalyst portfolio management tool for free!

Find Out More

In addition to the download solutions listed below, a number of other third-party providers offer portfolio management and tax reporting packages that integrate with our HTML downloads. Contact the provider for details.

Contact your IBKR Sales Representative to request integration with a third-party portfolio management provider not listed below.

Download to:

Order Management

An order management system (OMS) is a software system designed to efficiently execute securities orders in a cost-effective way. Brokers and dealers use an OMS to fill orders for different types of securities and track the order progress through the system. Interactive Brokers maintains trading relationships with the third-party OMS providers listed below.

Contact your IBKR Sales Representative to request integration with a specific OMS provider.

Post Trade Allocations

Post trade allocation software lets you allocate trades to clearing brokers. You can use IBKR's own Post Trade Allocations tool or a third-party software provider listed below.

IBKR's intuitive web-based Post Trade Allocation (PTA) tool lets investors quickly allocate US stock, option and US corporate bond orders post-trade. The PTA tool, available from within the Client Portal, lists all the day's unallocated trades, and provides customizable template-based functionality to easily allocate all or some of your trades to multiple pre-approved clearing brokers.

For more information about IBKR's PTA tool, see the Client Portal Users' Guide.

Contact your IBKR Sales Representative to request integration with a specific post trade allocation software provider.


IBKR provides a data feed to EmployeeTrack Compliance Officers who want to integrate their data with third-party software.

We provide data feeds for the following third-party software:

  • ACA ComplianceAlpha
  • Ascendant Compliance Manager
  • BasisCode
  • ComplySci
  • Evare
  • FIS Employee Compliance Manager
  • IQ-EQ
  • MyComplianceOffice
  • Orical
  • Paragon Data Labs
  • StarCompliance
  • Wolters Kluwer CCH

To request a third-party data feed for your EmployeeTrack data, send a request via email to
or contact your IBKR sales representative.

Third Party
EmployeeTrack Data Feed Integration Guide

Compliance Officers with EmployeeTrack accounts can request a data feed from the IBKR generic reporting interface to integrate that data with third-party software NOT listed on this page.

EmployeeTrack Data Feed Integration Guide

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