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Client Portal

Manage Your Account

Client Portal

A one-stop destination for managing your account information, funding your account, checking quotes and placing trades, and monitoring account performance.

You can access Client Portal by clicking on the Log In button located at the top of the Interactive Brokers website.

Account Settings

Manage your profile, financial information, trading experience and permissions, and configure your account from the Account Settings page. The page is accessible from the upper right corner of Portal by clicking the “head and shoulders” icon and selecting “Manage Account”.

User Settings

Manage communications preferences, passwords, report delivery, market data subscriptions and more via the User Settings menu. The page is accessible from the upper right corner of Portal by clicking the “head and shoulders” icon and selecting “User Settings”.

Account Security

We are committed to protecting your account and account assets from fraudulent practices. Our Secure Login System provides Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an extra layer of security when accessing your account. Download our mobile app to enable 2FA.

Taxes, Reporting and Analytics

Tax forms, statements, flex queries and other reports are available from the Reports menu in Portal.

Fund Your Account


We offer a number of flexible and convenient methods for depositing assets in your account. To initiate funding or position transfers, click the Transfer & Pay menu in Portal.

Client Portal
Client Portal

Other Account Features


PortfolioAnalyst is a free tool for consolidating, tracking and analyzing your complete financial performance. Link your investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan and credit card accounts to understand your current financial state and plan for the future.

Stock Yield Enhancement Program

Earn extra income on the fully-paid shares of stock held in your account by allowing IBKR to borrow shares from you in exchange for collateral (either U.S. Treasuries or cash), and then lend the shares to traders who want to sell them short and are willing to pay interest to borrow them.

Prepaid Mastercard

Automatically borrow against your broker account at our low margin rates without monthly minimum payments or late fees by adding an IBKR Prepaid Mastercard to your account. The IBKR Prepaid Mastercard provides you with the convenience of accessing your account funds anywhere Prepaid Mastercard is accepted around the world.

Refer a Friend

You can earn USD 200 for referring friends or colleagues to open an account. The Refer a Friend feature is available via the Account Settings page.

Trade Your Account

Client Portal

Client Portal

Our web application serves as your one-stop destination to check quotes and place trades, see account balances, P&L and key performance metrics, funding, reporting, and more.

Trader Workstation (TWS)

Trader Workstation

Our flagship desktop platform designed for active traders and investors who trade multiple products and require power and flexibility.

IBKR TWS for Mobile

IBKR Mobile

Easily trade and monitor your IBKR account on-the-go from your iOS or Android device (tablet or smartphone).



From our easy-to-use Excel API to our industrial strength FIX API, we offer something for every experience level. Our TWS API is well-supported with numerous examples to help you get started.

Market Data and Research

Market Data and Research

Market Data Subscriptions

Market data subscription fees are assessed beginning on the day of subscription and the first business day of each subsequent month for as long as the services are active.

Research Subscriptions

Interactive Brokers clients enjoy access to dozens of free and premium market research and news providers.

Features in Focus

We offer a variety of powerful tools for trading your account.

Trade in Fractions

Trade in Fractions

With fractional shares you can divide your investments among more stocks to achieve a more diversified portfolio and put smaller cash balances to work to help maximize your returns.

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Rebalance Portfolio

Rebalance Portfolio

Use the Rebalance Portfolio tool to redistribute the current position weightings in your portfolio.

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Bond Search Tool

Bond Search Tool

Use our Bond Search tool to compare available yields from more than 1,000,000 bonds globally.

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Mutual Fund Search Tool

Mutual Fund Search Tool

Use the Mutual Fund Search tool to browse more than 40,000 funds, including 7,700+ with no transaction fees.

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Discover a World of Investment Opportunities

Discover a World of Investment Opportunities

Access Products in 135 Markets
Across 33 Countries

Invest globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds from a single integrated account.

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Margin Trading

Margin Trading

We offer margin rates from USD 0.75% - 1.6%

The lowest margin loan interest rates of any broker, according to the StockBrokers.com Online Broker Survey 2021.


IBKR Campus

Learn about the tools, markets and technology available to you with our Getting Started at IBKR curriculum. Stay on top of market events at Traders Insight, learn about programming at the Quant Blog or sign up for a complimentary webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Support for Individuals

Browse our support page for instructional videos, user guides, release notes and information on connecting with us.

Configure Your Account Type

Upgrade or downgrade your account type from within Client Portal. Please note that you must be approved for options trading to qualify for a Portfolio Margin account.