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Privacy Law and the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information by Interactive Brokers Canada Inc.

Personal information is identifiable data about an IBC customer. It can include, without limitation, information contained in new client account forms and related account opening documentation, account statements and records of trading and account activity and checks and financial records in relation to trading in securities.

As IBC (or its affiliate) is a member of Investment Dealers Association of Canada, Market Regulation Services Inc. , the Bourse de Montreal Inc., and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ( collectively, the self-regulatory organizations or “SROs”), IBC has obligations to produce or make available for inspection documents and information to SROs, from time to time, for regulatory purposes.

For regulatory purposes, SROs require access to personal information of current and former clients, employees, agents, directors, officers, partners and others that has been collected or used by IBC.

SROs collect, use or disclose such personal information obtained from IBC for regulatory purposes, including:

  • Surveillance of trading-related activity;
  • Sales, financial compliance, trade desk review and other regulatory audits;
  • Investigation of potential regulatory and statutory violations;
  • Regulatory databases;
  • Enforcement of disciplinary proceedings;
  • Reporting to securities regulators; and
  • Information-sharing with securities regulatory authorities, regulated marketplaces, other self-regulatory organizations and law enforcement agencies in any jurisdiction in connection with any of the foregoing.