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Viewing Activity Statements

Activity Statements include information about your account activity, and can be generated on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for all accounts.

You view activity statements from Account Management or from the View menu in Trader Workstation. Make a note of the following guidelines when viewing activity statements:

Default Statements

There are several default statements available for viewing Activity Statements:

You can also select one of our legacy default statements:

To view an activity statement from Account Management

  1. Click Reports > Activity > Statements.
    The Statements page appears by default.

If you have a multiple account structure such as an institution account or multiple linked accounts, use the Account Selector at the top of the page to select one or more accounts on which to report. To include activity from accounts you have recently closed, select the Include Closed Accounts check box. If you choose to include closed accounts, those accounts appear in the Account Selector.

  1. In the Statements list, select the default statement or one of your own saved customized statements that you want to view.
  2. In the Date(s) fields, select the Period (Daily, Custom Date Range, Monthly or Calendar Year) and a Date.
  1. If you have a multiple account structure, selected more than one account in the Account Selector, and want to view a consolidated statement, select the Consolidate Selected check box. This check box ONLY appears if you selected more than one account in the Account Selector (or if you selected one or more accounts in a Household in the selector). You can also generate statements for all accounts in a single statement (multiple statements are joined together in a single statement) if you select your own master account in the Account Selector and then select the Concatenate All check box.

Advisors, Money Managers and Brokers and master account users with reporting access rights who select their own master account in the Account Selector have access to client-only consolidated and concatenated statements. Select Consolidated (Clients-Only) to generate activity data for all clients combined into a single statement, or Concatenate All (Clients-Only) to generate statements for all client accounts in a single statement (multiple client statements are joined together in a single statement).

  1. In the Format list, select either HTML/WEB, PDF, CSV or Excel (Legacy), depending on how you want to view the statement. For our clients who want a format compatible with Microsoft Excel, we recommend selecting CVS; however, we will continue to make the Excel (Legacy) format available.
  2. In the Language list, select your desired language.
  3. Click View to generate the activity statement.

If you selected PDF as the Format, you will be prompted to open the generated report or save it to your computer.

  1. You can expand and collapse each section of the statement individually. Click the slate blue section heading bar to expand a section, and click it again to collapse it.